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   I am Hasaan Rafique, 27; currently working as a doctor in the NHS, United Kingdom. Initially, I made this blog to write on topics of national interest and named it "The Absolute Verdict", and later "Word of Power". However, the task grew tedious over a couple of years and finally I decided to stick with something I would enjoy more, such as photography. Photography has always been my passion.

 Starting off as an hobbyist in 2008, I now am a qualified photographer from Michigan State University, and also carry ExpertRating's Photography Certification.

Here is a brief history of my journey in the world of photography.
  • In 2009, I created a photo capturing and processing engine (dubbed Cybershot Xperience) for certain Sony cellphone camera modules. This was a free, open-source and non-profit project that in addition to providing an outstanding photo output, also enabled many manual controls characteristic of high-end cameras in those simple camera modules. Certain features of the project were previously unheard of in the digital camera industry. Cybershot Xperience received over 150,000 downloads during the years 2009-2011 and was hailed (by user reviews and voting) as one of the best photo capturing & processing engines. In 2010, I received the SE-NSE (Developer Community) Award for the same project: 2nd position worldwide in “Best Mod of the Year 2009”. (Link to Cybershot Xperience for C905: ). I discontinued my camera softwares in 2011 when I moved from C905 to an Android model.
  • Experiments conducted during the CX project gave me a good command over the technical aspects of photography. Over time, I self-learned the rules of composition and the artistic aspects of photography through a vast number of textbooks and websites.
  • In 2012, I passed ExpertRating’s Photography test and was declared a certified photographer. (ExpertRating offers Pre-employment testing, Employee Testing and Online Certification for a variety of skill areas.)
  • Since then, I have worked as a guest, professional writer on several noted photography websites. I have also conducted a few workshops on photography. My handbook on photography is also soon to be completed. I have also participated and received prizes in several local and online photography competitions.
  • As of 2015, I am also an officially appointed brand mentor to Pentax (owned by Ricoh Imaging Company) in Pakistan. I am also the head of the upcoming Multan Pentaxian Photography Club.
  • In 2016, I enrolled for Michigan State University's Photography Specialization and cleared it with top grades.

 In addition to photography, my areas of proficiency include:

  • TECHNOLOGY/WEB DEVELOPMENT: I had a keen interest in the technology world from a very early age.  I also found it fun to spend hours messing around with every nook and crook of my PC and learning new tricks. 
    • I made my first website (consisting of an email service and a messenger) at the age of 11, followed by a series of other websites (such as those for my favorite cartoons) in quick succession. 
    • I've developed a number of websites since that time, the most  notable among them being the official websites of my institution and it's medical journal.
    • During 2009-2010, I also worked as a recognized developer for Sony Ericsson community, coding many firmware patches, camera mods (Cybershot Xperience) and Audio drivers (SuperBass Xperience).
    • Currently due to a lack of time (and maybe interest), I prefer being at the user end instead of the developer end - occasional making tweaks for MediaTek based Android devices. 
    • Despite the busy routine, I always do keep myself updated about the latest in the technology niche.

  • WRITING: My interest in writing goes way back into school age. Although I initially went with the literary style of writing, I now prefer a much simpler style intended for maximum comprehension. I worked as a professional freelance writer for 5 years from 2011-2016. I was awarded the "Top Rated" status at Upwork/oDesk and had a job success rate of 100%, never dropping a single point in any of my jobs during the tenure.

  • PSYCHOLOGY: Psychology first appealed to me as it happened to be a very practical subject. The sub-branches that I am proficient in include mind-sight, social psychology and personality psychology.

  • SCIENCE: Thanks to the huge number of books that my dad bought me in my childhood, I've always been a science guy. My favorite science fields include Astronomy, Physics and Paleontology (with most of the focus in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras).


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